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Looking for a way to hang out with family and friends who are far away?

Looking for fun team building activity to bring your virtual team closer?

A challenging and unique interactive Escape room located on your smartphone or computer

Participants are zoomed in together, collaborating virtually to make it on time!

Virtual Escape Room


on the moon


Number of participants: 3-5

You work as a team to fix the spaceship engine in 60 minutes. each player is working on a his own device and you progress as a team until safe landing 

NIS 50 per participant

Who is it for?

Family - Who is together at home and looking for a different quality time, (it is also possible to include the family members who are currently away from home)

Group of friends - a whole hour of fun together, even when each of you is at a different location

Number of participants: 6-30

Everyone joins the zoom session, after a brief guidance, you are split to Zoom-rooms, each team aims to be the first one to fix the engine 

NIS 45 per participant

Who is it for?

Large group - of friends, extended family or community

Company or organization - Staff, students or volunteers

Event - Birthday or any other social-virtual meeting

Competitive game between teams

Playing against the clock

*The listed prices do not include VAT

For details and reservations, please fill in the details

* Open 7 days a week

Thank you, we will contact you soon

EscapeZoom team

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